Yetter 6300 Complete Coulter Cart » Roeder Implement Inc., Iowa

Yetter 6300 Complete Coulter Cart

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  • Maintains constant transfer of weight from tractor to coulters, maximizing down pressure
  • Cart to be used in conjunction with drills, planters, and other 3-point equipment
  • Can be raised and lowered independently of the coulter toolbar
  • Spring-loaded coulters swivel, allowing for better in-line tracking
  • Cart couples close to the planter or drill for tighter turning radius and better mobility
  • Sturdy Y-frame features two vertical 20" hydraulic cylinders


  • Available in 15' and 20' models
  • Blade options: 13" shallow wave, 8" wave, or 25" multi-wave
  • Coulter spacing options: 7 1/2", 10", 15"
  • Works with up to 280 PTO horsepower and 3-, 4-, and 5-shank rippers