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RamPack Commodity Bagger

Strobel Rampacker aa 20

Strobel’s RamPack Commodity Bagger is a plunger-driven multi-purpose bagger for silage, haylage, forage, grain and dry hay.

Rotary or auger-fill machines need a large tractor to power them. The Strobel RamPack has dual plungers that gain inertia from a flywheel, just like a baler. It allows for reduced HP equipment, less fuel consumption, decreased unload times, more capacity, greater compaction/density, simpler transport and fast setup/takedown. It’s innovative, self-contained, reliable, portable, patented . . . and built Strobel Strong.


Patented Dual Plunger Compaction

Flywheel inertia allows for minimal horsepower (80hp) and up to 50% fuel savings

Delivers increased density and consistent compaction

Variable Speed Conveyor Systems

  • Incoming Vertical Conveyor
    58″ wide vertical hopper and 1.5″ cleated conveyor accommodates all side dump wagons with ample intake capacity
    Variable speed: tilt and extension provide maximum maneuverability
  • Upper Horizontal Conveyor
    Smooth conveyor with diverters evenly distribute material to the plungers with no commodity damage


Remote Controlled Electric Bag Lift System

Simple and fast bag installation with 12 volt winch

No cranks or pulleys

Single Point Operator Console

Hydraulic and brake controls in one location provide safety and convenience

Efficient Set up and Operation

Quick start up – no clean out necessary

Change bags quickly and smoothly

Transports easily from site to site

Self-Contained Hydraulic System

35 gallon reservoir and oil cooler together protect and cool the system

Manual Brake System

Individual controls hold the machine securely in place – downhill and sidehill

3” wide brake shoes

Industrial Lug Style Tires/10 Bolt Wheels

Superior braking traction and stability

Overrunning Ratchet/Slip Clutch/Shear Pin

Provides protection for tractor, PTO and gearbox

Standard Greasable Bearings

Easy to maintain at all pivot points