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Yetter Knife Tube Options for 10,000 Magnum™

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Knife Tube Kit options for fertilizer placement information

2987-040 NH3 3/8" Single Tube Kit

2987-041 NH3 with Liquid 3/8" Dual Tube Kit (not pictured)

2987-042 NH3 with Vapor 3/8" & 3/4" Dual Tube Kit

2987-043 NH3 with Liquid & Vapor 3/8" Dual & 3/4" Single Tube Kit

2987-044 Vapor only 3/4" Tube Kit (not pictured)

2987-046 Liquid 1/2" Single Tube Kit (not pictured)

2987-047 Liquid 1/2" Dual Tube Kit (not pictured)

*2987-050 Dry 1 1/2" Tube Kit


*Dry Tube can be combined with NH3 tubes depending on the combination of fertilizer.


Sorry, currently there are no specs but check back with us later.