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Rear Axle Oscillation
With Rear Axle Oscillation, you can work quickly and more efficiently on uneven ground because the traction force is transmitted securely to the ground. This ensures the bucket or load remains level in operation. And because the effects of slopes and bumps are minimized, operator fatigue is significantly reduced, too.

Everything Right at Your Fingertips
The V4-7 comes standard with ECO Mode, 2-speed operation, fully automatic mode, fixed speed mode and a joystick bucket control incorporated right into the operator’s station. Plus, you get an innovative LCD monitor, showing key operating information and maintenance notification intervals.

Newly Designed Operator Station
Our newly upgraded operator’s station has a wider entrance and a suspension seat, a real plus when you’ve got to spend a long day on the job


Model V4-7
Type Water-cooled 4-cyl. diesel
Model 4TNV88C-NKAH
Output  hp (kw) / rpm 39 (29.1) / 2500
Displacement  inᵌ   (cmᵌ) 133.6 (2.189)
Standard Bucket Capacity   ydᵌ (mᵌ) 0.65 (0.5)
Operating Load  lbs (kN) 2535 11.2)
Lifting Capacity at Low End   lbs (kN) 7451 (33.1)
Tipping Load   Straight  lbs (kN)
                      Full Turn   lbs (kN)
6070 (27)
5058 (22.5)
Breakout Force   lbs (kN) 6085 (27.1)
Dumping Clearance   ft-in (mm) 7' 11" (2420)
Traveling Speed    mph (km/h) 11.8 (19.0)
Oscillation Angle    degrees +8
Minimum Turning Radius   ft-in (mm) 12'6" (3810)
Min. Ground Clearance    ft-in (mm) 1'3" (370)
Front Hyd. PTO  PSI (kPa)                  3000 (20590)
Front Hyd. PTO   GPM (L/min) 14.8 (56.0)
Type Center-Pivot Frame Articulation w/Full Hyd. Power
Articulate Angle   degrees 40.5
Transmission Type Automatic Hydrostatic
 Drives Type 4-Wheel Drive
Wheels  Type 15.5 / 60 - 18 8PR
Brakes  Type Fully Enclosed, Mechanical, Wet, Multiple Disc
Operating Weight 
Canopy     lbs (kg) 7848 (3560)
Cabin    lbs (kg) 8422 (3820)
Transport Dimensions  L x  W x H 14'6" x 5'7" 8'5" (4425 x 1690 x 2555)