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  • Hydrostatic drive provides high speed, low torque when you are traveling across a jobsite, then changes to high torque, low speed when you demand greater traction and more power.
  • Transverse-mounted turbocharged diesel engine provides additional counterweight to the rear of the machine for greater stability and improved loader  performance and provides ample access for easier engine service.
  • Oscillating rear axle provides stable operation on uneven ground while maintaining 4-wheel traction for greater operator comfort and control.
  • Single pin articulated joint provides a more stable platform and less need for adjustments and maintenance.
  • Hydrostatic drive provides dynamic braking and helps increase service brake life.


Operating weight (SAE J 1197) 12,787 lbs (5,800 kg)
Tipping load, straight at full reach (ISO 14397-1) 9,634 lbs (4,370 kg)
Tipping load, articulated at full reach (ISO 14397-1) 8,510 lbs (3,860 kg)
Total length, bucket on ground 17' 3" (5,270 mm)
Total width 6' 5" (1,950 mm)
Turning radius at outside bucket edge 14' 6" (4,445 mm)
Wheelbase 7' 3" (2,220 mm)
Total height (top of cab) 9' 1" (2,765 mm)
Manufacturer, model YANMAR 4TNV98CT
Type Turbo diesel engine with intercooler, exhaust-gas optimised,
EPA Tier 4 Final / EC stage III 
Combustion 4-stroke cycle, Common Rail injection
Number of cylinders 4 in line
Displacement 3.2 Liter
Net power rating at 2,200 rpm (SAE J 1349) 72 hp (53.7 kW)
Max. torque 218 lb ft (295 Nm) @ 1,365 rpm
Cooling system Water
Nominal voltage 12 V
Battery 12 V / 100 Ah
Generator 14 V / 80 A
Starter 12 V / 3.5 hp (3.0 kW)
Cold-starting aid Glow plugs
Lighting system in compliance with US/ISO standards, H7 headlamps. 
Hydrostatic drive, closed circuit, independent from loader hydraulics. Perfected driving automatics,
automatic optimisation and adjustment of drawbar pull and speed. Hydraulic motor power shift
providing two speed ranges. Infinitely variable speed control forward and reverse. 4-wheel drive from
reduction gear on rear axle via cardan shaft to front axle. Inching pedal for sensitive driving and stopping at high rpm.  
4 speeds:  
Standard version 0 - 12.4 mph (0 - 20 km/h)
S version 0 - 22.4 mph (0 - 36 km/h
Drawbar pull "Low" 10,498 lbs - "High" 10,903 lbs
Rigid front axle with 45% limited slip differential. Oscillating rear axle with 45% limited slip differential.
Center-mounted disc brake. Rear axle weights, 661 lbs (300 kg) are standard. 
Standard 405/70 R 20 SPT 9 Dunlop
Service brake: Hydraulically actuated center-mounted disc brake,
acting on all 4 wheels via 4-wheel drive
Auxiliary brake: Hydrostatic drive provides dynamic braking
Parking brake: Mechanically actuated center-mounted disc brake on front axle
Articulated, 2 steering cylinders with final positioning damping on both sides, fully hydraulic through
Load-Sensing priority valve, quick and easy steering even at engine idle-running speed. 
Total steering angle 80 deg.
Fuel tank 29.1 gal (110 l)
Hydraulic system (incl. tank) 23.2 gal (88 l)
Max. pump capacity 20.3 gpm (76 l/min)
Max. working pressure 3,626 psi (250 bar)
Control unit: Proportional hydraulic valve with 3 control circuits, supplying work functions "Lift / Lower",
"Dump / Tilt-back with high-speed control" and "3rd control circuit (1st additional control circuit)".
Simultaneous, independent control of all movements. 
Hydraulic cylinders: 1 lifting cylinder, 1 tilt cylinder, all dual-action 
The thermostatically controlled oil circuit ensures that the oil temperature is promptly reached and
avoids overheating. Return filter installed in hydraulic tank allows for eco-friendly replacement of filter elements. 
Fingertip control for 3rd control circuit, electro-proportional, oil flow limitation via machine function
display, continuous operation. Installation on loader frame incl. couplings. 
Hydraulically switchable float position by overdriving the pressure point "Lower" on the joystick,
electrically switchable continuous operation function. 
Single, four-way control lever (joystick) with integrated direction-of-travel switch and switch for
additional control circuit. 
Loader installation featuring true parallel linkage and hydraulic quick coupler  
General-purpose bucket (SAE J 742) 1.31 yd3 (1.00 m3)
Lift capacity at ground level (SAE J 732) 13,725 lbf (61,000 N)
Breakout force at bucket edge (SAE J 732) 12,365 lbf (55,000 N)
Operating load (SAE J 1197), over the total lift and steering range 5,291 lbs (2400 kg)*
Operating load in transport position, above ground level, total steering range 6,834 lbs (3100 kg)*
Width of fork carrier 4' 1" (1,240 mm)
Length fork tines 4" x 1.8" (100 mm x 45 mm) 3' 7" (1,100 mm)
Stability factor on level and solid ground 1.25
Load center from fork attachment point 20" (500 mm)
Rubber-mounted full-vision steel cab, ROPS (EN ISO 3471) and FOPS** (EN ISO 3449) certified. 
Cab featuring two doors, intermittent wipers and washer (front and rear), tinted panoramic safety
glass, sliding window on left-hand side. 
Driver’s seat MSG 85 (comfort version), with hydraulic cushioning, extra-high backrest, lumbar
support, longitudinal and tilt adjustments, lap belt, in compliance with ISO 7096 and ISO 6683. 
Cab heating with 3-speed heater fan (choice fresh air/recirculating air) and windshield defroster,
front and rear. 
Standard: Air conditioning. Back-up alarm for reverse travel. Battery disconnector. Guard for fan
wheel and V-belt. Immobilizer, electronic, keypad operation. 2 working floodlights, front. 2 working
floodlight, rear. Rear axle weights, approx. 660 lbs (300 kg). Steering wheel with height and tilt adjustment. 
Cab exterior noise level 101 dB (A)
Cab interior noise level 74 dB (A)
Noise level values measured in compliance with Directive 2000/14/EC and EN474.
*With rear axle weights
**FOPS-approved only with skylight guard (optional)