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Neat, Easy Dumping For Tougher Conditions
With an ample 65-degree dumping angle and extended 2ft-2in distance from the dumping platform to the ground, you always get a sure and neat soil discharge with just a single dumping stroke. For even more versatility, add an optional 180-degree swivel dump loading platform for safe, efficient sideways dumping.

Reversible Seat and Travel Lever
The operator’s seat and travel levers turn 180 degrees so the operator is always moving forward. This provides a safer work environment on mountain paths and other turn-restricted worksites. It also reduces damage to environmentally sensitive areas because there’s no need to make skid turns.

Safe, Comfortable Cab
The operator’s area is spacious and built for comfort. The C50 has been engineered for enhanced panoramic visibility from the operator’s seat. The powerful 111.5 HP engine is also built for clean exhaust and quiet operation. Add an optional enclosed cab with heat and AC for year-round comfort.


MODEL C50R-5 C50R-5
Dump Vessel Type One-way dump type Swivel-dump type
Shape of Vessel Box-shape V shape
Operating Weight Net, unloaded lbs (kg) 12,633 (5,730) 13,360 (6,060)
Type Direct Injection Combustion Water-cooled 4-cyl. Diesel Direct Injection Combustion Water-cooled 4-cyl. Diesel
Output HP (kW) 111.5 / 83.1 111.5 / 83.1
Transmission Variable Speed 2 Pump, 2 Motor Hydrostatic (HST) Variable Speed 2 Pump, 2 Motor Hydrostatic (HST)
Track Type Steel-Reinforced Rubber Track Steel-Reinforced Rubber Track
Track Width ft-in (mm) 1’6" (450) 1’6" (450)
Min. Ground Clearance ft-in (mm) 1’5" (435) 1’5" (435)
Ground Contact Pressure w/o load PSI (kPa) 3.4 (23.5) 3.6 (24.9)
Ground Contact Pressure w/ load PSI (kPa) 5.7 (39.5) 5.7 (39.5)
Max. Payload lbs (kg) 8,379 (3800) 7,718 (3500)
Max. Dumping Angle degrees 65° 65°
Dump Clearance ft-in (mm) 2'2" (660) 2'11" (890)
Dump Body Capacity Struck yd3 (m3) 1.8 (1.4) 1.6 (1.2)
Max. Travel Speed 5.9 (9.5) 5.9 (9.5)