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  • Trip edge protects operator and equipment. Allows better piling than trip moldboard.
  • Standard with Manual Angle. One-Cylinder and Two-Cylinder Hydraulic Angle options available.
  • Hydraulic crossover relief valve on two-cylinder option helps protect the attachment by absorbing shock by angling the entire blade if a curb or other object is struck.
  • +/- 4° side-to-side oscillation allows the blade to maintain constant contact with uneven surfaces.
  • 5/8ˮx 6ˮ reversible, replaceable, bolt-on steel cutting edge allows for 5 1/2″ of total wear.


Width: Overall, Straight / Full Angle (Inches) 73.0 / 64.4
Overall Height (Inches) 21.0
Blade Angle (Degrees) +/- 28
Width at Full Angle (Inches) 64.4
Moldboard Thickness (Inches) 0.12
Cutting Edge (Inches) 5/8 x 6 Bolt-on
Blade Oscillation (Degrees) +/- 4
Cylinder Bore / Stroke (Inches) 2.0 / 6.0
Cylinder Pins / Hinge Pins Diameter (Inches) 1.0 / 1.25
Approximate Weight* (Pounds) 410
Recommended Loader Capacity Less than 1000 pounds