Virnig DHV72EX/ DHV72EX-GB* » Roeder Implement Inc., Iowa

Virnig DHV72EX/ DHV72EX-GB*

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  • Shell thickness differs between models; see chart below.
  • 1/2″ x 4ˮ structural wear bars underneath for added rigidity and life-span.
  • ¾” x 6″ weld-on cutting edge with holes to accept optional bolt-on or serrated bolt-on edge. See the “Options” tab for bucket edge options.
  • V60 Dirt Bucket available with 1/4″ steel construction.


Overall Bucket Width (Inches) 73.5
Bucket Depth (Inches) 34.6 / 35.8
Bucket Height (Inches) 20.5
Struck Capacity (Cubic Feet) 14.4
Heaped Capacity (Cubic Feet) 17.3
Bucket Back Angle (Degrees) 66
Shell Thickness (Inches) 0.25 / 0.19
Side Plate Thickness (Inches) 0.25
Structural Wear Bars Under Bucket (1/2″ x 4″) 2
Approximate Weight (Pounds) 575 / 555
Recommended Loader Capacity Less than 2400 pounds

*Dirt Bucket / Dirt Bucket with Grading Bend + Rolled Inside.