Virnig BASS66F » Roeder Implement Inc., Iowa

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  • Removable spears are forged and tapered to make piercing compacted bales easier.
  • Four 32ˮ Conus I forged spears.
  • One bale maximum.


Overall Width (Inches) 66.5
Overall Height (Inches) 20.8
Overall Depth (Inches) 47.8
Number of Main Spears 4
Main Spear Useable Length (Inches) 26.6
Number of Stabilizer Spears -
Stabilizer Spear Useable Length (Inches) -
Bottom Spear Space (Inches) 18.9 / 20.5
Approximate Weight (Pounds) 260
Capacity, With Bale Against Frame (Pounds) 2000

*Material is 1045 CFSR Round Stock (100,000 PSI Minimum Yield Strength).