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Features Benefits
Available in 72" (1.8 m) and
84" (2.1 m) working widths
Both model sizes provide efficient productivity results and are ideal sizes for most skid steers and track loaders.
Smooth drum Ideal solution for smoothing asphalt, soil, gravel and aggregate.
Cleated drum Ideal for cohesive, hard to break down soils and applications where additional compaction pressure is needed.
Cleated drum spiral configuration Results in higher compaction rates in comparison to non-spiral configurations.
15 degrees of oscillation Allows the roller to follow the contours of the ground, improving performance and efficiency.
Top and bottom drum scrapers Maintains cleanliness of the rotating drum while operating in reverse or forward travel, without sacrificing performance.
Quick attach hitch Compatible with a wide array of skid steers and track loaders.
Bi-directional hydraulic motor Attachment will vibrate with auxiliary flow going in either direction.
Hydraulic motor case drain line Aids in protecting the motor and hydraulic system by relieving excess pressure.
Quick connect couplers Allows operator to quickly connect and disconnect couplers, even while the hydraulic system is under pressure.
16 - 25 gpm (61 - 95 Lpm)
hydraulic flow rate
Allows attachment to be compatible with a wide array of skid steers and track loaders.
Vibratory system Provides excellent compaction results for a wide array of ground materials.
Vibration isolator mounts Constructed from high-strength materials that provide long lasting durability.


Overall operating weight 2,087 lbs (947 kg)
Overall Width 80 in. (2.0 m)
Drum working width 72 in.(1.8 m)
Overall Height 26 in. (66 cm)
Hitch Type  Quick attach hitch, meets ISO 24410
Drum Type Smooth drum
Number of drum cleats N/A
Drum Diameter  20 in. (51 cm)
Drum Oscillation 15°
Scraper type Smooth
Copaction force - (Theoretical
values dependent on hydraulic flow.)
9,284 lbf
(41,297 N)
Motor rotation Bi-directional
Frequency 3200-2500 rpm
Hydraulic flow range 16 - 25 gpm (61 - 95 Lpm)
Max hydraulic pressure 3,550 psi (24.5 MPa)
Hydraulic couplers Quick connect couplers (flat-face)