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Small But Mighty
New mini models for special needs applications on large farms or for small herd farms.

Jaylor Mini TMR Mixers have proven themselves ideal for a wide range of applications, including feeding smaller dairies when starting out, and specialty groups such as weaned calves, dry cows, maternity pens, and fresh cows on larger dairies. Our Mini TMR mixers are especially great for supplemental feeding of beef cows during calving.

Each 5050 and 5100 model is now available in four unique versions: a 3-wheel self-propelled model, a gas engine-powered pull-type, gas engine truck mount, and electric stationery. In order to meet your individual needs, these mixers are designed and engineered with the same capabilities and durability as the larger 5000 Series mixers, including the ability to incorporate long forage into true TMR (total mixed rations). 5050 and 5100 models operate hydrostatically, with the augers driven by a powerful hydraulic motor.

The 5150 and 5275 have been specifically designed to process bales into a uniform TMR that resists sorting. Each model comes with a complete scale system for accurate weighing.