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Truck mounted TMR mixers are especially useful when feeding larger numbers of animals grouped by age or stage of production, or at multiple locations. Jaylor produces the full range of the 5000 Series mixers in its Truck Mount line, either as new units, built to specification on the truck of your choice at the Jaylor factory, or as Truck Mount Installation kits installed on your truck of choice by selected Jaylor Dealers.

Truck mounted mixers are gaining popularity with all size farms, where previously it was more common to see them on the large corporate farms. All Jaylor Truck Mount mixers are driven by a powerful and robust hydrostatic drive system, engineered for years of trouble-free operation. They are also designed and built with the same capability to quickly process baled forage and produce quality, uniform mixes as are Jaylor’s trailed mixers. Jaylor Truck Mounts come standard with patented Jaylor augers and the full range of innovations, warranties, and with a full range of options to create your tailored feeding solution.


Model 5750 TMR Truck Mount
Capacity No Ext. 650ft3 | 18.4m3
Capacity 8″ Extension 700ft3 | 19.8m3
Capacity 12″ Extension 740ft3 | 21.0m3
Capacity 16″ Extension 780ft3 | 22.1m3
Height* 81in | 206cm
Length 236in | 600cm
Drum Width 91in | 231cm
# of Knives 18
Auger Flighting Thickness 5/8in | 16mm
Conveyor Width 36in | 91cm
Door Opening Width 42in | 107cm
Floor Thickness 5/8in | 16mm
Drum Wall Thickness 1/4in | 6mm
Rear Axle Requirement 38000lbs | 17000kg
Front Axle Requirement 12000lbs | 5500kg