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Patented X-Tended Reach Folding Auger

with Telescoping Hydraulic Flow Control Spout

The upper auger utilizes a three position upper auger design. The “Storage Position” keeps the upper auger within the footprint of the tires/tracks for narrow storage and transport. The “Field Position” keeps stress off the auger hinge during field operations and keeps the spout out of the mud and dirt. The “Unload Position” extends the auger to give the grain cart operator maximum upward, outward and forward reach during unloads.

The patented hydraulic flow control spout allows the operator to precisely place grain across the trailer. The Side-Shooter design positions the spout perpendicular to the trailer so all four corners can be easily filled!

The telescoping spout features a three part design that extends outward for maximum side reach and retracts when in the downward position to maintain maximum unloading height. Each of the three sections can be easily removed or added to offer multiple combinations of height and reach to fit your particular unloading need. 

V-Truss Axle

Added Strength Prevents Twisting or Bending

Competitor grain cart axles feature small tubular steel that is prone to bending or I-beam designs that are prone to twisting, which puts premature stress on the rest of the cart. J&M’s exclusive V-Truss axles are engineered using heavy-duty tubular steel with a reinforced V-Truss design to resist both bending and twisting, protecting the cart from premature wear and tear. Standard on all single wheel carts.

Miscellaneous Standard Features

  • Patented Side-Shooter spout design
  • Easy-access side mounted inspection ladder
  • Unique auger rest lever design for easy transition between storage and field positions
  • Over-running, automatic cut-out clutch for maximum durability
  • Heavy-duty jack stand assembly
  • Graphite-coated interior for efficient unload and excellent cleanout
  • Hydraulic hose and electric cable organizer
  • Bolt-On bottom tang hitch
  • Balanced tongue weight


Model 1522
Vertical Auger 20" bullet
Unload Time 600+ bu/min
Capacity 1,475 Bushels
Wheels (2) 44x32
Tires (2) IF1250/50R32
Hubs (2) 10 Bolt or 20 Bolt
Spindles (2) 6" Diameter
Tongue Weight   
Empty 3,000 lbs.
Loaded 4,800 lbs.
Total Weight (approx.) 17,968 lbs.
Tracks Option   
Capacity 1,500 Bushels
Total Weight (approx.) 24,250 lbs.
Compaction Rate 13.69 lbs/sq inch
Compaction Rate 
36" Stabilizer Trax2
46" Stabilizer Trax2

13.21 psi
12.2 psi
9.6 psi