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RANGER - Leading in features

Being the smallest in the large HARDI trailer range, the kinship does not fail. The RANGER is designed to meet the request for a simple and reliable trailer. This goal is reached and proven by successful worldwide sales since the introduction in 2006. At the same time RANGER is leading in its class offering a big range of different features.

Booms based on toughly different concepts ensure the right boom for the specific need. Intelligent tank and frame design ensure stability and strength. Unique components guarantee best performance and ultimate durability.

HC 5500 Controller

The HC 5500 is a powerful computer making the spray features easier and safer to use and easily supplies more information when needed. It is the obvious choice where features like IntelliTrack and advanced farming tools are desired. The operator is instantly informed of the operation status and warned if vital parameters like pressure, speed, etc. are incorrect.

It is advanced farming, ready with up to 98 register and connection possibilities to a site-specific application map or a remote sensor. Various optional extras like SprayRover, TankGauge or 12-V printer are available.

EAGLE 45 - 66 ft. booms

EAGLE booms feature a rugged two-dimensional structure and a coil spring self-stabilizing trapeze boom suspension. This combination provides for many years of trouble free use even in the toughest field conditions.

A non-directional spring loaded break-away system protects the boom from damage. EAGLE boom is the solution if robustness and high driving speed are required.


Model (Tank) 2000 (550 gal)
Boom EAGLE SPB 45, 50, 60, 66 ft. (14, 15, 18, 20 m)
Pumps, type-gallons per minute HARDI Diaphragm 1303 - 30 gpm, 364-51 gpm, 464-88 gpm
Hydraulic outlets needed (Y models) 1 single + 1 double acting
Hydraulic outlets needed (Z models) 1 double acting
Weight drawbar (empty tank) w/ 60 ft. EAGLE Boom 484 lbs (181 kg)
Weight axle (empty tank) w/ 60 ft. EAGLE Boom 3,608 lbs (1,637 kg)
Weight total (empty tank) w/ 60 ft. EAGLE Boom 4,092 lbs (1,856 kg)
Total length 213 in. (5.4 m)
Total height 114 in. (2.9 m) 11.2x38" tires
Width with boom in transport position 120 in. (3 m)
Track width 60 - 90 in. (1.5 - 2.3 m)
Length draw to axle 156 in. (4 m)
Ground clearance 27 in. (.69 m) 11.2x38" tires
RinseTank 63 gal (238 ltr)


* Measurements: EAGLE 18 m, PRO 24 m
**Extra outlets needed for Slant on Y version, and for Slope correction
*** No steer / steer