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NAVIGATOR - The Obvious Choice

NAVIGATOR is synonymous with high quality and design which supports functionality. Properties which secure the value for money and ease of use. In the HARDI trailer family, NAVIGATOR offers features from mid-size to full specification solutions.

The large range of high quality features makes the NAVIGATOR the obvious choice. Demands for simple and reliable solutions, serviceability and high capacity are universal world-wide. The product represents HARDI’s experience as sprayer specialist. The proven success for NAVIGATOR sprayers since the introduction has shown the value of this position.


•    Higher precision and less overlap with single nozzle Auto Nozzle Control
•    Automated cleaning with Auto Wash
•    Automated filling with Auto Fill
•    Nozzle change on-the-go with Auto Select  
•    Maximum agitation without foam with Auto Agitation
•    Fast diagnostics for less downtime with HARDI SmartCom
•    New functional design Workzone

DynamicFluid4 (DELTA FORCE Boom only.)

The DynamicFluid4 system will calculate the consequences of the increased RPM and make the regulation instantly. The DynamicFluid4 property of pro-acting is based on 4 sensors in the fl uid system measuring RPM, position of regulation valves, flow and pressure. Combined with a specific new software and a new, unique ceramic regulation valve, DynamicFluid4 is offering precision in the application rate giving the best performance available on the market.

The sensors of DynamicFluid4 each have their individual task, but they will also work as backup for each other, and the regulation will continue. Regulation can be done manually.

Boom management system

The HARDI Auto Height and Auto Terrain systems will automatically control the boom This makes the job much easier for the driver, and the result will be a better spray application.

The system is known for the following features:

  • Robust and precise ultrasonic sensors
  • Option to choose between soil, crop or hybrid mode
  • Proportional valve for smooth movements (Auto Height, Auto Terrain)
  • Tilt and height correction (Auto Height, Auto Terrain)
  • Auto Terrain works and reacts on both boom movements and twisting forces on the boom. This allows the system to be proactive and react on the cause more than on the symptom.

DELTA FORCE boom - Compact in transport - wide in field

DELTA FORCE is designed to be a large boom. The selection of features and the layout of the boom structure are targeted to perform at high driving speed and high performance at boom widths of 90 - 132 ft. The result is a boom with many simple and strong solutions which together give a high-performing and reliable boom with a simple setup, low maintenance and a great design.

A very advanced, but yet simple center part controls the movements of the DELTA FORCE boom. The five pendulum settings allow to adjust the boom performance, either to a pendulum, which follows the sprayer movements, or to follow the level of the terrain.


Model (Tank) 4000 (1200 gal)
HARDI Diaphragm Pumps, Type - gmp 364 (540 or 1000) 51 gpm / 464 (540 or 1000) 88 gpm / 464H - Hyd Drive 82 gpm
ACE Centrifugal Pumps, Type 150 - Hyd Drive / 200 - Hyd Drive / 650 - Hyd Drive
Booms EAGLE SPB/SPC 45 - 120 ft. (14 - 36.5 m)
RinseTank 130 gal (500 ltr)
Total height 150 in. (3.8 m) 320/90 R46
Total length 312 in. (7.9 m) w/ 90 ft. EAGLE
Length draw to axel 180 in. (4.6 m)
Track width 60-120 in. (1.5-3 m)
Width 138 in. (3.5 m)
Clearance 27 in. (.69 m) w/ 320/90 R46
Weight total (empty tank) 7,832 lbs (3,553 kg)* 90ft. boom
Suspension Optional