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COMMANDER –  Intelligent spraying - Fields ahead

The COMMANDER is designed to meet the demands of the modern professional farmer world-wide. This generation of sprayers is designed to lead the way in capacity, reliability, safety, optimization, ease of operation and precision.

The COMMANDER is a highend performer designed for continuous use by demanding operators. An example of the functional design is the logical layout of the left hand side of the sprayer, where all primary operations are located.

TWIN boom - Winning air

Let’s take control. With the HARDI TWIN system, air will help you control the wind. You are in control of the speed and angle giving you the possibility of covering the whole plant, from top to bottom.

Spray drift from conventional sprayer can be so strong that the operator has to stop before having the spray job done. With efficient drift control it is much easier for the operator to be able to spray the entire field.

Under most conditions the farmers get at least twice as many hours for a safe and efficient spray job with the TWIN sprayer compared to conventional spraying.

DELTA FORCE boom - Compact in transport - wide in field

DELTA FORCE is designed to be a large boom. The selection of features and the layout of the boom structure are targeted to perform at high driving speed and high performance at boom widths of 120 - 132 ft. The result is a boom with many simple and strong solutions which together give a high-performing and reliable boom with a simple setup, low maintenance and a great design.

A very advanced, but yet simple center part controls the movements of the DELTA FORCE boom. The five pendulum settings allow to adjust the boom performance, either to a pendulum, which follows the sprayer movements, or to follow the level of the terrain.


The HARDI SafeTrack is available on the COMMANDER (optional). This revolutionary design merges the benefits from other traditional systems into one high performance system. With the HARDI SafeTrack you do not have to choose between either tight turning radius or stability.

This ensures a minimum of crop damage combined with safe and user-friendly operation. A computer constantly monitors forward speed and turning radius to make sure that the correction made by the tracking system is as safe as possible.

SafeTrack ensures that the boom is always 100% perpendicular to the tramlines. This ensures perfect application when turning at the end of the fields.


The DynamicFluid4 system will calculate the consequences of the increased RPM and make the regulation instantly. The DynamicFluid4 property of pro-acting is based on 4 sensors in the fl uid system measuring RPM, position of regulation valves, flow and pressure. Combined with a specific new software and a new, unique ceramic regulation valve, DynamicFluid4 is offering precision in the application rate giving the best performance available on the market.

The sensors of DynamicFluid4 each have their individual task, but they will also work as backup for each other, and the regulation will continue. Regulation can be done manually.


The low boom height requires a good boom management system. The best system on the market is the DELTA FORCE boom series along with HARDI AutoTerrain. The other advantage is a smaller nozzle VMD (volume median diameter) which increases the coverage. 


Model (Tank) 5500 (1,600 gal
HARDI Diaphragm Pumps, Type – gmp 464 (540 or 1000) 88 gpm / 464H - Hyd Drive 82 gpm
Booms DELTA FORCE 120 - 132 ft. (36.5 - 40 m)
Booms TWIN FORCE 80, 90, 100, 120 ft. (24 - 36.5 m)
Booms TERRA FORCE 120 - 132 ft. (36.5 - 40 m)
RinseTank 130 gal (500 ltr)
Total height 150 in. (3.8 m)* 320/90 R50
Total length 336 in. (8.5 m)
Length draw to axle 238 in. (6.05 m)
Turning radius SafeTrack 30 ft. (9.00 m)
Track width* select axel configurations 60-120 in. (1.5-3 m)
Width 120 in. (3 m)
Clearance 30 in. (.76 m) *320/90 R50
Wight total (empty tank) 13,442 lbs (6,097 kg) *120' DTZ
Hydraulic suspension Standard
Suspended drawbar Standard