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Proven design and quality

The HARDI N-SERIES sprayer is one of the most versatile sprayers ever built. The N-SERIES is used by professional plant growers all over the world. It finds its use in traditional farming, horticulture, orchards, vineyards and on grasslands.

The N-SERIES is a durable and well proven sprayer that offers far more features and options than you would expect from a sprayer in this class.


All booms have an adjustable spring loaded break-away to protect the boom in case of accidental encounter with an obstacle in the field.

No dripping from nozzles

The single SNAP-FIT nozzle holders have a built-in non-drip diaphragm check valve. The non-drip valve ensures no dripping from the nozzles when the main on/off is closed. The SNAP-FIT system furthermore ensures that all nozzles are in the correct position. A large range of high quality HARDI nozzles is available to suit any spray task.

SB boom

The  SB booms are directly mounted to the frame. A mechanical and hydraulic boom lift makes the height adjustment easy and safe.


Tank size, gal 210 (800 ltrs) 210 (800 ltrs)
Boom model SB MB
Width 14 ft. (4 m) | 20 ft. (6 m) |26 ft. (8 m)| 33 ft. (10 m) 40 ft. (12 m)
Pump model 603 / 1203 / 1303 1203 / 1303
Pump capacity 10/20/30 gpm (42/99/114 l/min) 20/30 gpm (99/114 l/min)
Size, L x W x H 55x75x83 in. (140x190x210 cm) 59x82x87 in. (140x190x220 cm)
Weight 390 lbs (177 kg) | 400 (181 kg) |419 (190 kg) | 459 (208 kg) 576 (261 kg)