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H&S 7225 Super Duty

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  • The 7200 Series Forage Boxes are available in 23’, 25’ & 27’ models with front & rear unload systems.
  • The Electric-Over-Hydraulic “Super Duty” features Hydraulic valves with a variable Speed High/Low Main Apron Unload System and Control Box.
  • (1) Remote is needed for the Front Unload System (Hoses included are changed when using either the front, or rear unload systems)
  • (1) Remote is needed for the Rear Unload System
  • The system allows you to start and clear the cross conveyor before you start the beaters or main apron conveyors.
  • No Belts or Pulleys.
  • H&S uses three – 18″ 4 bar H.D. spiral type beaters – not augers. Aggressive in handling tough material, they are even feeding.
  • Beater shafts are 1¾″ equipped with greaseable bearings and are mounted in the head, not auxiliary panels in the box.
  • 7200 Series Forage Box frames feature heavy 5″ channel cross members and 2.5″ x 2.5″ side stakes.
  • On the rear unload system, once the tailgate safety lock is released, the self-locking mechanism unlocks automatically while unloading and locks shut when the tailgate closes.
  • A 24″ Hydraulic-Fold Extend/Retract Cross-Conveyor Extension is standard on all 7200 Series Models.
  • 2″ Stress-proof Front Drive Shaft.
  • 2″ Stress-proof Rear Drive Shaft. (Front & Rear Unload Models).
  • Heavy Duty Gearbox System.
  • Heavy Drive Chains.
  • Spring Loaded Tighteners on Beaters.
  • Quick Release Cross-Conveyor Clean Out Pan.
  • The Rear Unload Drive System features a quick change pin.
  • A 4th beater is optional.


7225 "SUPER DUTY"  
Inside Width 88.25″
Inside Height (floor to top of side) 86″
Inside Length 25′
Overall Width w/Extension 109″
Overall Length 29′ 6″
Box Side Height 106″
Overall Height @ Top Door Pivot 122″
Cubic Ft. Cap. - No Roof/Struck 1,301.13 cu. ft
Apron Chain 667XH
Cross-Conveyor 22″ Wide - CA550 Chain w/Welded Slats
Beaters 3 - 18″ - 4 Bar Spiral Beaters w/1¾″ Greaseable Bearings
Drive  Electric-over-Hyd. System w/Variable Speed High/Low Main Apron Unload System and Elec. Control Box
Cross-Conveyor Extension 24″ Hydraulic-Fold Extend/Retract
Emergency Stop Clutch Standard
Rear Unload Drive Hydraulic
Rear Unload Speed Unload Time is dependent on Tractor RPM, Hydraulic Pressure & GPM
Rear Endgate Automatic Lock & Unlock
Rear Gate Delay Standard
Roof N/A