Fantini GP Sunflower Harvesting Bar » Roeder Implement Inc., Iowa

Fantini GP Sunflower Harvesting Bar

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Feeding Auger
The intake Auger perfectly guides the flower heads into the feed rake conveyor.

Cutting System
The gear box and the whole cutting system are built with high quality materials and components. The divider points have been designed to ensure exceptional picking speed and to minimize product loss.

External Rear Transmission
The transmission mechanism is composed of a cardan shaft and of a splined shaft connected to the combine power by a PTO shaft.

The auger is equipped with safety clutch to ensure the transmission mechanism is solid and reliable.

Attachment Kit 
The GP can easily adapt to all combine models, thanks to an attachment kit with adjustable inclination that can be replaced without special training.


EFFECTIVE CUT (m.) 31.5 ft
WIDTH  (m.) 32.2 ft.
DEPTH (m.) 8.3 ft.
WEIGHT (Kg.) 6922 lbs.