Fantini LH3 Folding Corn Harvesting Header

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Row Units with Clutch in Sealed Gearbox

A cast iron gearbox features high tech hardened steel gears that are protected by a torque-limiting device in an oil bath for exceptional durability and safety.

Side Transmissions

Right angle gearboxes and PTO shaft couplings reduce maintenance needs for the transmissions and make them more reliable than chain drives.

Removable Stalk Choppers

Equipped with wide diameter steel discs with tungsten carbide edged knives for efficient cutting, each chopper is mounted in a central rear position and connected directly to harvesting drive gearbox. Choppers can removed using a pliers or screwdrivers.

Chain Tension Adjustment

Gathering chain tension is controlled by a strong, simple bolt system that ensures optimal reliability in all working conditions.

Adjustable Knives

Four reversible, adjustable knives are constructed of steel with tungsten carbide edges. Securely bolted for easy maintenance, the knives enhance the harvest experience.

Harvesting Rollers

Rollers are supported at the front and are equipped with stalk roller spirals to ensure smooth, consistent stalk gathering. A scraper knife prevents grass from wrapping around the roller.

Adjustment Lever

Operated directly from the cab, the unit’s lever system offers optimal adjustment of stripper plate distance.

Adaptable Settings

Featuring adjustment inclination, the header has versatile settings that make it adaptable to all combines. The header angle can be adjusted easily based on working conditions.

Conical Side Augers

Simple, light and durable, conical side augers provide exceptional performance on downed corn.

Plastic Row Unit Covers

Available on models with 70, 75 and 80 cm row spacing, maintenance-free plastic row unit covers help minimize crop losses when cobs fall on top of them.


Type Folding LH3 Folding LH3
Number of Rows* From 5 to 12 From 6 to 12
Inter-row Distance** 27.6 in.; 29.5 in. and 31.5 in. 17.72 in.
Number of Rows 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 12
Row Spacing 27.6 in.; 29.5 in. and 31.5 in. 27.6 in.; 29.5 in. and 31.5 in. 27.6 in.; 29.5 in. and 31.5 in. 27.6 in.; 29.5 in. and 31.5 in. 27.6 in.; 29.5 in. and 31.5 in. 217.72 in. 217.72 in. 217.72 in.
Width During Transport 98 in. 124 in. 150 in. 132 in. 150 in. 150 in. 173 in. 150 in.
Header Basic Weight 3968 lbs 4586 lbs 5291 lbs 5732 lbs 6504 lbs 7055 lbs 8157 lbs 7055 lbs
Weight with Stalk Chopper 4299 lbs 4960 lbs 5952 lbs 6393 lbs 7275 lbs 7937 lbs 9259 lbs -