Fantini L03 Rigid Corn Harvesting Header

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New row units with oil-filled-gearbox
Cast iron gearbox features hardened steel gears protected by an oil-filled-gearbox to ensure exceptional durability and safety.

Stalk Chopper
Activated or de-activated using screwdriver or pliers, it is directly connected to the harvesting drive gear box . It is mounted in a rear central position and equipped with cutting discs with tungsten carbide steel knives.Optimum performance.

Side Transmissions with PTO Shafts and Gearboxes
Right angle gearboxes and PTO shaft couplings ensure low maintenance, more reliability than chain drives.

Gathering Chain Tension Adjustment
Gathering chain tension regulated by a simple yet strong bolt system ensures optimal reliability in all working conditions.

Adjustable Knives
Four reversible, adjustable knives (made of steel and tungsten carbide edged) are securely bolted for easy maintenance. This assures a perfect harvest experience.
A scraper knife prevents grass wrapping around the roller.
The rolls are supported at the front and equipped with stalk roll spirals to ensure a consistent and smooth stalk gathering.

Adjustment Lever System
Optimum adjustment of stripper plates distance directly from the cab.

Adjustment inclination and versatile settings to adapt the header to all combines
Header angle can easily be adjusted according to working conditions.

Adaptor Kit Claas Lexion-Jaguar

Conical Side Augers
Simple, light and long lasting. Exceptional performance on downed corn.

Plastic row unit covers on models with 70, 75 and 80 cm row spacing
Maintenance free. Minimum wear. Minimized crop losses when cobs fall on covers.
We provide iron covers if required.


Corn Headers for all combine types
Type Rigid L03
Number rows * From 2 to 16
From 6 to 16
Inter-row distance** 70-75-80 cm
45 cm
* Different number of rows available upon request


L03 Rigid Corn Header - Technical Details
N° row Row Spacing Width During Transport Header Weight Basic Weight with Stalk Chopper
4 70-75-80 cm 315 cm (75 cm) 1200 kg 1450 kg
5 70-75-80 cm 390 cm (75 cm) 1600 kg 1850 kg
6 70-75-80 cm 465 cm (75 cm) 1850 kg 2050 kg
8 70-75-80 cm 615 cm (75 cm) 2450 kg 2700 kg
9 70-75-80 cm 690 cm (75 cm) 2750 kg 3100 kg
10 45 cm 770 cm 3000 kg 3400 kg
12 45 cm 920 cm 3500 kg 4000 kg
12 45 cm 585 cm 2700 kg -