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Greater Compaction Power and Precision
The CASE SV217E is all about compacting each lift faster and with fewer total passes, and the machine does that through a combination of brute force and intelligent control. Centrifugal forces range from 49,907 pounds to 74,861 pounds, and standard dual amplitudes (low: 0.037 inches; high: 0.087 inches) and dual frequencies (low: 1,680 vibrations per minute at 28 hertz; high: 2,100 vibrations per minute at 35 hertz) allow the operator dial in compaction performance to each unique lift. Optional intelligent compaction solutions further serve to increase productivity and compaction quality.

Take the Hill
The CASE SV217E features a low center of gravity thanks to an axle-free design that allows the engine to sit lower in the frame. When matched with the Automatic Traction Control and HX drive propulsion system (standard on padfoot models; optional on smooth drum rollers), the SV217E can compact effectively on grades up to 58 percent.

Sleek and Agile
The axle-free design and the lower engine placement allow for a low sloping rear hood that results in a sleek, modern design and excellent rear visibility; while the machine’s hydrostatic drive, four working speeds, and a tight turning radius provide dynamic performance even for a large soil compactor.

Comfortable and Modern Working Environment
Available in both an open ROPS configuration as well as an optional enclosed cab (pressurized with heat, ventilation, air conditioning and radio), CASE E Series soil compactors feature a spacious, comfortable and intuitive operator environment with an adjustable seat that swivels up to 80 degrees to provide excellent visibility to the entire working area. An LED display integrated and fixed within the steering wheel puts all critical operating information directly in front of the operator and at their fingertips, and further improves visibility by eliminating the need for additional dashboards in the machine.

More Consistent Drum-to-Ground Contact
Compaction performance is further enhanced with an oscillating articulated roller joint that maintains consistent drum-to-ground contact, and an updated drum design that reduces drift and maintains constant compaction throughout each rotation.

Groundline Serviceability for Simplicity
CASE E Series rollers are designed for groundline serviceability with easy access at ground level to all fluid ports, drains, service checkpoints and filters — and the cab on the SV217E can be tilted forward easily for access to all primary hydraulic components of the machine. Each model is also available with optional CASE SiteWatch telematics to further enhance fleet management operations.



  • ROPS and FOPS Protection
  • Hydrostatic Drive for Both Drum and Wheels
  • Steel Drum Scrapers
  • Diamond Tread Tires
  • Interwheel Differential Lock
  • Articulated Chassis
  • Front and Rear Tow Points
  • 4-Point Lift and Tie-Down Provision
  • Fan Guard
  • Backup Alarm
  • Halogen Work Lights, 2F/2R
  • Master Disconnect Switch
  • Spring Applied, Hydraulic Release Parking Brake
  • 3 Working Speeds/1 Transport Speed
  • Spin-on Fuel, Engine Oil and Hydraulic Filters
  • Spring-Assist Tilting for Engine Hood



  • Lockable Tool Box
  • 3-Inch Retractable Seat Belt
  • Cup Holder
  • Single Lever Speed/Direction Control
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Steering Wheel Embedded Monitor



  • Steering Wheel Spinner Knob
  • Horn



  • Auto Vibration Control
  • Dual Amplitude Vibration
  • Dual Frequency Vibration