Anderson Group RB400

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  • Proven high quality aluminum stretcher.
  • Bale guide rollers keep the bales centered on the wrapper even when on a slope.
  • Electronic bale counter.
  • Turntable’s belts allow for any type of bales to rotate be wrapped evenly regardless of their shape or condition.
  • Manual wrapping process via the control levers directly on the machine.



Aluminum film stretcher 1 × 30" (750 mm)
Engine N/A
Bale dumper N/A
Bale guides rollers Standard
Leveling system N/A
Road lights N/A
Night Work lights N/A
Tires 18.5 × 8.5-8 (215/60-8)
High flotation Tires N/A
Plastic cut & hold system N/A
Self-loading arm N/A
Electronic bale counter Standard
Tractor Minimum Hydraulic Flow 8 Gal/min (30 liters/min)
Tractor Minimum Hydraulic Pressure 2200 psi