Anderson Group Wraptor

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  • Pick-up and transport faster with one operator.
  • Tilting tow bar for easy hook-up to the wrapper.
  • Bale pusher for quickly pushing and unloading bales.
  • 4 stretchers replace rolls less often, wrap faster.
  • Adjustable self-loading arm tubular round-shaped designed for bale net protection.
  • Bale guide rollers. Keep each bale centered on the roller bed when wrapping on a slope.
  • Hydraulic jack leveling system. Insures the 2 first bales stay together until lowered down to the ground.



Wrapper dimensions  
Width 9' 6" (2.8 m)
Overall width - A In transport mode 8' 5" (2.5 m)
Height - B 9' 7" (2.9 m)
Overall height - C 9' 7" (2.9 m)
Bed height n/a
Overall length - D 14' 6" (4.4 m)
Overall weight 1620 kg (3571 lb)
Trailer dimensions  
Width 8' 4" (2.5 m)
Overall width (inlcuding loading arm) - A 9' 8" (3 m)
Height - B 8' 8" (2.7 m)
Overall height (inlcuding loading arm) - C 12' (3.6 m)
Bed height 4' 6" (1.4 m)
Overall length - D 41' 3" (12.6 m)
Overall weight 4870 kg (10800 lb)
Round bale diameter Up to 5' (1.5 m)
Square bale n/a
Bale type Baleage & dry hay
Wrapper specifications  
Aluminum film stretcher 4 × 30" (750 mm)
Engine 13 HP Honda
Final bale push off With the trailer pusher
Bed shape V-shaped for round bales
Bale guides for alignment Adjustable
Bale guides rollers 2
Leveling system Hydraulic jack
Road lights for tractor Standard
Hoop speed Adj. flow control valve
Traction Tires 29 × 12.5-15
Rear tires 11 L-15
Hydraulic tail gate Standard
Auto-locking wheels Standard
Adjustable hydraulic compaction system Standard
Plastic film watch n/a
Working light n/a
Remote control wrapping Standard
Large fuel Tank n/a
Automatic pilot sensors n/a
20HP Honda engine n/a
Trailer specifications  
Loading capacity on axle (including bale carrier weight) 18143 kg (40000 lb)
Hydraulic unloading Standard
Pusher travel stoke 5' 1" à 7' (1.5 à 2.1 m)
Hydraulic push ramp system Standard
Full charge indicator Standard
Double plate hitch Standard
Road lights Standard
Steerable Tandem axle Standard
Self-loading arm design Tubular round
Tilting tow bar for easy hook-up to wrapper Standard
Adjustable lateral ramp according to bale dimension Standard
Camera Standard
Tires 550/45-22.5
Minimum Hydraulic Flow 10 Gal/min (37 litres/min)
Minimum Hydraulic Pressure 2200 psi
Minimum HP requiements 100 HP
Remote outlets required 2