Anderson Group IFX720

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  • XTRACTOR™ final bale push off system with a simple pull of a lever.
  • Hydraulic lifting axles allow to overcome obstacles when moving the machine.
  • Film watch sensor automatically shuts down the wrapping cycle when the machine runs out of fi lm or fi lm breaks.
  • 4 stretchers.
  • Autopilot the automatic pilot system allows the wrapper to precisely steer itself by following the adjacent bale row, maximizing the space needed to store your bales.
  • Remote control for starting, steering, and stopping the unit remotely without leaving the tractor.
  • Work lights.
  • Large fuel tank (25 L, 6.6 GAL.) wrap 5 times more bales than with regular tank with less down time.
  • Bale guide rollers keep each bale centered on the roller bed when wrapping on a slope.
  • V-Shaped roller bed for round bales.
  • The Honda engine offers high power, exceptional adaptability, quiet operation and fuel efficiency.



Final bale push off Up to 180 bales per hour
Bale guides for alignment 2 × 30" (750 mm)
Bale guides rollers 4 × 30" (750 mm)
Leveling system 13 HP Honda
Road lights Xtractor™ automatic system
Hoop speed V-shaped for round bales
Traction Tires Adjustable
Rear tires 2
Hydraulic tail gate Hydraulic lifting axle
Auto-locking wheels Standard
Adjustable hydraulic compaction system Adj. flow control valve