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About Reman

About Case IH Remanufactured Products

Today, there are more reasons than ever to choose Case IH remanufactured parts for your equipment. From more product offerings to less downtime during installation, you’re sure to appreciate the unique benefits of choosing reman. If you’re new to Case IH remanufactured parts, here are some great reasons to make our parts a key element in your ongoing equipment maintenance program. 

More Than Rebuilding or Recycling

A high standard of quality separates us from the competition.

Used core parts are examined, remade, and tested to original performance specifications through the use of state-of-the-art techniques, strict salvage guidelines, advanced manufacturing systems, and unequaled quality control.

Case IH remanufactured parts are engineered specifically for Case IH machines to provide good-as-new functionality throughout the entire assembly. We don't just strip and fix.

Our Rigorous Process:
  1. All cores are completely disassembled.
  2. Each component is thoroughly cleaned and verified against the latest OEM specifications.
  3. All components are either brought back to the latest OEM specification or replaced with new.
  4. The finished remanufactured part is reassembled and then tested one final time to ensure OEM performance.

What Remanufacturing is NOT

There are several terms that can be confused with remanufacturing.


Recycled products may be removed from a scrap machine and resold with little or no work performed on the parts. Some recycled products are superficially cleaned, then boxed and sold. Recycled would not be considered remanufactured and reliability is questionable.


This is when a product has had just enough work done to it to make it operational again. Repairing a part is not as thorough as remanufacturing, so the product may not perform like new or last as long as a reman part. 


Generally applied to antique goods, this is when the work done to it is cosmetic and meant for display. Remanufacturing is performance-based and brings a part up to current specifications.


This is when a product has been used before and is not new. Nothing has been done to repair it or correct any problems it may have. Because of this, it’s impossible to measure the part’s lifespan.