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Cover Crop
Salford's Valmar 56 series line of seeders excel at cover crop application. The 56 series quickly and accurately meter a variety of seed and granular product sizes at a range of rates suited for cover crop seeding. The 56 Series seeders are best known for their value, versatility and adaptability. 56 series seeders are routinely setup for seeding with tillage implements, heavy harrows and a variety of other implements allowing producers to accomplish more work with each pass.

Salford Valmar 56 Series Metering
Accurate Metering System
The Valmar 56 Series applicators achieve their accuracy thanks to a ground-driven metering system that ensures an accurate application rate regardless of ground speed. 56 Series applicators use a 60-speed gearbox that allows the application rate to be increased or decreased in increments of five percent. Drive ratio changes can be made at the gearbox, eliminating the need to move chains and realign sprockets. For cropping conditions that require a rate change on the go. Or, simply by installing a hydraulic drive system, you can eliminate the ground drive and be ready for use with most GPS or variable rate systems.

Salford Valmar Broadcast Diffuser
Broadcast Application
56 series applicators are most often configured for broadcast application on implements from 16 feet to 90 feet wide. A simple mounting system from Salford allows the broadcast deflectors to be positioned for total ground coverage. Deflectors can be mounted in front of or behind the implement depending on what product you're applying and the implement you're mounting to.

Features for Smoother Operation
The semi translucent hopper on the 56 Series applicators enables operators to visually check the product level in the hopper. The 56 Series also features a manifold pressure switch to ensure an adequate air flow is maintained for even product distribution. Finally, a warning light and buzzer are included on the in-cab control unit to alert the operator of any problem with the air supply.

Simple Calibration
Calibrating an applicator is necessary to ensure proper flow rates, especially when determining the settings for new products or various sizes of seed and seed mixtures. The 56 Series applicators make this process easier by allowing the venturi and manifold system to be dropped so that a funnel tray can be inserted for easy collection of product. Operators can use the crank handle to simulate ground travel and establish precise calibration of any product. This also makes emptying the hopper an easy and safe procedure.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning
The 56 Series applicators feature a number of innovations that make maintenance and cleaning easier. Perhaps most important is the location of the hopper shaft. By placing the shaft outside the hopper, product stays clear of the bearings and allows them to be serviced even with a full hopper. The outside shaft provides the added benefit of enabling the electric clutch installation to allow half-width application on either side of the implement. A convenient hopper-bottom slide gate enables the rollers to be removed for servicing or cleaning without draining product from the hopper.



  • Application Width
    • 4056: 16 outlets - up to 40 ft.
    • 6056: Option 01: 24 outlets - up to 80 ft. Option 02: 32 outlets - up to 90 ft.
  • Capacity
    • 4056: 40 cu. ft. (1800 lb.)*
    • 6056: 60 cu. ft. (2250 lb.)*
  • Polyurethane plastic tank
  • Weather tight lid
  • Hopper bottom shut-off slide gates

*Based on 45 lb./cu. ft.

Product Delivery:

  • 1.25 in. ID flexible PVC hose (1 in. ID on 1655)
  • Broadcast deflectors mount individually to the implement frame


Metering Drive Options:

    • Includes: 60 speed gear box (5% speed intervals), hand crank for calibration, manifold gauge,
    • in-cab warning light/buzzer for manifold pressure and in-cab manual switches for section control
    • Includes: 60 speed gear box (5% speed intervals), hand crank for calibration, mechanical drive
    • wheel with 6-12 tractor grip tire, manifold gauge, in-cab warning light/buzzer for manifold pressure
    • in-cab manual switches for section control
    • Includes: 11.3 CID hydraulic motor only (requires 11.5 gpm) – Hydraulic lines not included
    • Includes: 11.3 CID hydraulic motor only (requires 11.5 gpm – hydraulic lines not included),
    • flow control valve, meter encoder, fan speed and bin-level sensors – Kit does not include
    • ECU, harnesses or cab display
    • Includes: 11.3 CID hydraulic motor only (requires 11.5 gpm – hydraulic lines not included),
    • flow control valve, meter encoder, fan speed and bin-level sensors, ECU, implement harness and harness to tractor (extension harness to tractor may be required) –
    • For use with 3rd party ISObus 11783 cab consoles (i.e. JD 2630, CaseIH Pro700, AGCO Command Center, Trimble TMX2050, etc.) – Cab display not included


* ISObus compliance does not guarantee compatibility with all functionality on 3rd party ISObus displays; Non-ISObus displays are not compatible with this controller. Always consult with the display manufacturer before purchase – Prescription mapping and/or auto section control may require software unlock. Ensure latest display firmware version is installed.