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Stainless Steel Booms
Designed for commercial rental operations, Salford Valmar’s 5500 pull-type self-leveling booms feature extra-strong, all stainless steel construction with breakaway boom tips for added protection. The standard unit comes with a 40-foot boom, while the row crop model uses a 36-foot boom (an optional kit is available to extend the row crop boom to 38 feet). Booms fold manually.

1000 RPM PTO Fan Drive
The 5500 PT fan is driven by a 1000 RPM power take-off system. The constant velocity drive shaft is 1 3/8 inches in diameter, 21 spline, and is equipped with an over-running clutch to prevent damage from sudden disengagement of the tractor PTO system. An optional 1 3/4-inch 20-spline shaft is available.

Ground Driven Metering System
A hydraulically engaged metering system provides consistent application rates regardless of ground speed. Either side can be manually disengaged for half-width application. 

Extremely Accurate Metering Gearbox
The mechanical gearbox uses 60 different gear ratios for metering rates at five percent increments. Rates as low as four pounds per acre for herbicide application and as high as 400 pounds of fertilizer per acre at 5 miles per hour. A bulk density scale is supplied to help match your fertilizer blend to the application rate charts.

Apply Herbicides or Small Seeds
With an optional kit, the 5500 PT can accurately apply small seeds or herbicide at low rates, something that is not possible with a spinner-type spreader. The kit consists of two 28-groove metering rollers and a fan intake reducer.

Ideal for Row Crop Application
Tandem walking beam axles are standard on both models. The row crop unit is equipped with narrow tires and a 36-foot boom for application in 36-inch rows.

Optional Marking Systems
Select from a mechanical disc marker or a Simpson SKS foam marker.

Roll Tarp Installed
Hopper screen kit keeps foreign material out.

Hydraulic Fan Drive
Salford Valmar also offers an optional hydraulic fan drive. This option uses a belt drive with a 32 CC hydraulic motor, requiring 23 gallons per minute hydraulic flow when operating at 1885 PSI – well within the capability of many of today’s higher capacity tractors.

Single-Axle Option
Features a single axle with 12-ply, 550/60-22.5 flotation tires at 90 inches center to center, avoiding the skidding associated with tandem axles when turning.


Airflo 5500 Hopper Features:

  • 170 cubic feet
  • One-piece, 409 stainless steel construction with two-component epoxy primer and two-component, cross-linked acrylic top coat paint system
  • Hopper bottom shut-off slide panels
  • Roll tarp installed
  • Hopper screen assembly


  • Available in 40-foot
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Break-away boom tips
  • 2 ½-inch diameter tubes
  • Six deflectors per side
  • Manual fold
  • Self-leveling

Metering System:

  • 304 stainless metering bottoms with six outlets per side
  • 304 stainless steel, self-cleaning metering rollers
  • Manual half-width shut-off on either side
  • Rates up to 500 pounds per acre at five miles per hour down to five pounds per acre (with optional small seed and herbicide kit)
  • Ground drive
  • Hydraulically engaged
  • 60-speed gearbox with five percent between settings


  • 20-inch impeller
  • Two five-inch fan outlets
  • PTO fan drive
  • 1,000 RPM CV driveline, 1 3/8-inch, 21T spline
  • 19:4.12 pulley drive ratio
  • Four-band belt with spring-loaded idler tensioner

Optional hydraulic fan drive:

  • 32 CC motor requires 23 GPM operating at 1885 PSI
  • ¾-in. hydraulic lines
  • ¾-in. couplers recommended
  • 30-inch water column manifold pressure
  • Case drain required
  • 6.9:4.12 pulley drive ratio


  • Requires one remote to engage metering system
  • Requires second remote for optional hydraulic boom fold
  • Requires additional remotes for optional hydraulic drives for fan and/or metering


  • Tandem walking beam
  • Adjustable axle width with available tires: 16.5L x 16.1 (81-99 inches) or 9.00 x 20 (72-90 inches)
  • 2 ½-inch axles with six bolt hubs

Single axle:

  • 550/60-22.5 tires/12-ply at 90 inches center to center
  • Tire Dimensions – width 550 mm (21.7 in.)/OD – 1238 mm (48.7 in.)
  • 2 ¾-inch axles with eight bolt hubs


  • Herbicide kit includes one set of 28-groove metering rollers and fan intake reducer for metering finer products and lower rates
  • Foam or disc marking systems
  • Extension kit to extend 36-foot boom to a 38-foot spread
  • Hydraulic boom fold

Dimensions/Shipping Information:

  • Height: 8 ft. 6 in.
  • Width: 8 ft. 6 in. (9 ft. 2 in. with single axle)
  • Length: 17 ft. 3 in.
  • Weight: 4360 lb.