Salford Group BBI Javelin Spinner

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  • Mid-season top-dressing of emergent plants
  • All-new spreader system delivers even wider, flatter, more
  • Consistent spread pattern and drive interval
  • Achieves 120-foot swaths with some fertilizers
  • Features Salford's ISOBUS-ready Binary Manifold and Task Command System for precision agriculture applications



  • Hydraulic drive
  • Adjustable track widths
  • Pull-type
  • Optimized for large acreage operations
  • Standard-equipped for precision agriculture.


MagnaSpread Tandem Axle  
Profile Type 12' (3.66 m) Hopper - Standard Profile
Height 116" (2.95 m)
Width 96"-136" (2.44 m - 3.45 m)
Capacity 282 cu ft (7.99 cu m) struck