Meridian Augers TL10

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Meridian HD conventional augers are built to be rugged, dependable and versatile. Our square structural undercarriage,
offset axle, self-leveling motor mount, continuous Super EdgeTM Flighting (up to 53’) and unique seamless tube connectors
on 46’ augers and up are all standard features.

For unparalleled maneuverability, add our 4 Wheel Frame mounted mover. The Meridian conventional auger is available
in 7”, 8”, 10” & 12” diameter’s and offer capacities from 2,400-10,000 BPH. Ask about fully equipped packages.

Designed specifically for the auger industry, our clutch can accommodate double-beltdrive and triple-belt-drive augers and can
shut down the auger flighting, even from inside the bin.

The pump pulley always turns with the crankshaft and is independent of the clutch pulley, allowing the supply of hydraulic power when the clutch is disengaged. In addition, our magnetic switch boxes can be placed anywhere on the auger and uses
an exclusive cover to prevent accidental activation.

A Meridian electric clutch kit comes prewired, complete with a magnetic steel switch box, clutch and everything you need to install it. Just bolt the clutch in place and plug it together, or order it installed on a new Meridian conventional belt drive auger.

Our reversible gearbox is standard and allows the operator to reverse without flipping the auger belts by hand. An optional shifter lever is mounted down towards the intake, allowing the operator to shift the gearbox even when the auger is in an elevated position. Combine our electric clutch with the reversible gearbox and an operator can clean out the grain auger safely, conveniently and efficiently in a matter of seconds.

Spring Loaded Belt Idler
Specifically designed for longer augers, Meridian's spring loaded belt idler will reduce belt wear and remove whip common with long belts under load.

Gas or Diesel Engines
Meridian only offers engines that are expertly engineered, extremely dependable and come fully assembled. Now you can push your auger to its limits with a powerful engine designed to get more done in less time. Winter kits and Diesel options are available. Ask your dealer for details.

Self-Leveling Motor Mount
Meridian was the original designer and patent holder of the Self Leveling Motor Mount. Meridian’s self-leveling motor mount ensures consistent belt tension regardless of the height of the auger.

Shovel and Shovel Holder

LED Light Kit
Never lose sight of your work area with Meridian’s positive ground, engine powered LED lighting kits.

Banded Belt Drives 
Our banded belt drive gives you better grip on drive pulleys and eliminates single belt slipping. Combine it with our electric clutch
for smoother operation and less whipping.


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