Meridian Augers Fram Mount Auger Mover

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  • Mover’s lift assembly not attached to tube of auger
  • All hydraulic controls are at your fingertips
  • Universal mounting brackets
  • More intake reach with frame mount mover
  • Expandable frame
  • Clean, neat design that opens up the operator area



  • More reach for going under wide core hoppers
  • Frame Mount Mover tucked under A frame
  • Mounting brackets not specific to size of auger
  • Bolted U clamps and slotted hole in bracket adapt to any size of auger
  • Brackets make for easier install
  • Head end maintenance is a breeze
  • Clean out auger tube without having to reverse auger belts
  • One size of frame fits all augers
  • Frame can be positioned to best suit the farmers needs when unloading
  • Quicker, easier and safer movement around the operator area of the auger
  • Faster, easier installation, saving time and money
  • Narrow design to fit between the legs of the widest hopper cones
  • Allows user great level of flexibility and safety



  • Expandable frame
  • Enhanced intake reach
  • Frame features “upper” and “lower” half that can be extended or retracted for maximum versatility
  • Square tubing frame provides superior strength
  • Walking beams smooth out “auger bounce”
  • Twisting of wrists for forward and reverse give operator optimal control
  • Mover steerable by T-Bar attached to two turf tires and connected by a tie-rod