Hardi 1200

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Functional design

Tank and RinseTank is closer to the tractor for better balance


The DynamicFluid4 system will calculate the consequences of the increased RPM and make the regulation instantly. The DynamicFluid4 property of pro-acting is based on 4 sensors in the fluid system measuring RPM, position of regulation valves, flow and pressure. Combined with a specific new software and a new, unique ceramic regulation valve, DynamicFluid4 is offering precision in the application rate giving the best performance available on the market.

1800 - 2200 l tank size

The tanks are made from durable polyethylene. They are resistant against chemicals and are UV stabilized. The tanks also features deep sump to ensure complete emptying of the tank - also on slopes.

Integrated storage

On both sides the MEGA features integrated storage. In the storage compartments you will find the TurboFiller, EasyClean suction and Cyclone pressure filter.


Tank size (net/gross) 1200
Pump 364 (194 l/min) *
Pump 464 (280 l/min) *
RinseTank 190 |
CleanWater tanks 15 |
Weight, kg (empty)  
15 m - 16 m PRO 1522
18 m PRO 1544
20 m VPZ 1677
21 m VPZ 1689
24 m VPZ 1705
27 m VPZ n/a
28 m VPZ n/a
Measurements, cm Total length in cm X Maximum transport width in cm X Total height in cm
15 m - 16 m PRO 151 x 234 x 288
18 m PRO 151 x 234 x 315
20 m VPZ 172 x 234 x 292
21 m VPZ 172 x 234 x 292
24 m VPZ 174 x 234 x 327
27 m VPZ n/a
28 m VPZ n/a