Fantini G03 Rigid Sunflower Harvesting Header

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Row Units Transmission
Row units are connected by double chain couplers and telescoping shafts. Removal is quick and easy, reducing downtime for repairs.

Cutting Disc System
Two counter-rotating discs assure the sunflower stalk is gently cut without shaking, thereby minimizing seed loss.

Gathering System
The Fantini gathering system is a simple and highly efficient way to harvest every seed from your crop. Two gathering chains – equipped with rubber teeth – gently, but firmly, hold the plant as it is transported to the auger. This ensures consistent flow and delivers unprecedented crop retrieval over the competition.

Divider Points
Long and easily adjustable divider points ensure maximum efficiency in down crops to reduce crop loss. They can also fold back for convenient and safe transport.

Specially Shaped Collecting Pans
Designed to catch anything falling from the sunflower head, specially shaped collecting pans are tilted backwards. This ensures everything falling on them flows easily to the auger, thereby minimizing seed loss.

Attachment Kit
The G03 can easily fit all combine models, thanks to an attachment kit with adjustable inclination that requires no special training to use. The header angle can be easily adjusted to match working conditions.

Stalk Chopper
Available as optional for Fantini sunflower headers G03

Simple and Robust Design
The simple and robust design of FANTINI Sunflower (and corn) harvesting headers guarantee a stronger, more durable performance.
Optimal reliability in all working conditions.


G03 rigid SUNFLOWER HEADER Technical details*   
N° row row spacing width during transport basic header weight
4 70-75-80 cm 310 cm (70 cm) 1065 kg
5 70-75-80 cm 380 cm (70 cm) 1315 kg
6 70-75-80 cm 450 cm (70 cm) 1565 kg
7 70-75-80 cm 520 cm (70 cm) 1800 kg
8 70-75-80 cm 590 cm (70 cm) 2050 kg
9 45 cm 460 cm 2170 kg
10 45 cm 505 cm 2410 kg
12 45 cm 595 cm -