Features Ecolo-Tiger 870 available from Roeder Implement, Iowa


The most aggressive residue-sizing and mixing option on the market today, the new Ecolo-Tiger® 870 is ideal for sizing Bt corn residue to capture nutrient value and sizing soil clods for a smoother seedbed.



Case IH disk rippers help you cut, size and mix crop residue to reduce erosion and increase production capacity. This effective crop-residue management allows you to:



Case IH disk rippers give you the flexibility to finish the field to match your farming practices. Creating a first-pass soil surface that settles level prior to secondary tillage and planting:



Ideal soil composition – known as soil tilth – is 50% soil and 50% pore space, with water and air equally distributed within the pore space. Soil compaction eliminates this needed pore space, and is a common yield-robbing culprit. It can be caused by: